We are currently seeking submissions for upcoming and future issues of the ELR.  Whether you are a legal practitioner, law professor, or a student, all contributions are welcome and encouraged!  Be sure to review our submissions deadlines and requirements, listed below.

While our journal does accept hardcopy manuscripts, ELR prefers all article and comment submissions to be sent via e-mail to

If you select to submit your manuscripts through the mail, please send
three (3) copies of the manuscript addressed to:

UCLA Entertainment Law Review

UCLA School of Law

P.O. Box 951476
Los Angeles, CA  90095-1476
ATTN: Chief Submissions Editor


ELR requests that all submissions be accompanied by:

  1.  Up-to-date resume/CV of the author
  2. Article/Comment abstract

Should you have any questions regarding submissions, feel free to e-mail them to or call us at (605) 321-6139.


For publication consideration in our FALL issue, we ask that all submissions be sent to ELR no later than
October 1.  ELR strives to have all of its Fall article/comment selections chosen by October 15.

For publication consideration in our SPRING issue, we ask that all submissions be sent to ELR no later than
March 1.  ELR strives to have all of its Spring article/comment selections chosen by March 15.

If your submission reaches us after our posted deadlines, ELR will automatically consider your submission for publication in the next issue of the journal.  If you decide to publish your submission elsewhere in the interim, ELR kindly asks that you notify us of your decision, so that we may remove your submission from future consideration.


If your submission has been selected for publication by another journal, the Submissions Committee of ELR will entertain requests for “Expedited Review” by e-mail or phone, provided the author timely provides the following four (4) pieces of information in conjunction with his/her request:

I.  An updated resume/CV

II.  An abstract of the article/comment in question

III.  A list of all publications which have already accepted the article/comment submitted

IV.  The deadlines for each journal that has already accepted the article/comment submitted

It will be the goal of the Submissions Committee, under the direction of the Chief Submissions Editor, to respond to the “Expedited Review” requests within five business days of receipt of such request.  In the event that the author is dealing with deadlines for other journals that expire within one week of receipt of the request to ELR, the Submissions Committee members will make their best effort to give the article/comment fair consideration and review for publication in ELR, and will contact the author with a decision as soon as reasonably possible.

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