The UCLA Entertainment Law Review (“ELR”) is an international law journal published once or twice a year by the UCLA School of Law. Since 1994, ELR’s staff has worked diligently to bring to our subscribers academic work of the highest quality, as well as articles that tackle the most novel and cutting edge issues in the field of entertainment law.

Our journal publishes a broad range of articles and student comments on a variety of topics of interest to the entertainment law community. These topics include copyright, new media law, internet and communications law, sports law, motion picture and television law, music law, art law, broadcasting law, journalism and the first amendment, and “soft” intellectual property law.


ELR publishes one to two issues per year. Subscriptions are accepted on a volume basis. If notice of termination is not received before the expiration of a subscription, it will be automatically renewed.

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Please address subscription inquiries to the Business Manager of the UCLA Entertainment Law Review at elr@lawnet.ucla.edu. Please include “Attn: Business Manager” in the subject line. Should your address change during the course of your subscription, please contact us with the updated information as soon as possible.

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